Speed to market


Comtran is a relatively small cable company compared to the bigger players. But recently our engineering team has been turning heads in the industry with a record-breaking product development and launch cycle.

Record Number of New Product Launches

In the past calendar year, Comtran introduced more than eight new cable products, and there are more in the development pipeline. What’s our secret? Paraphrasing the words of Stage-Gate product development pioneer Dr. Robert G. Cooper, we are laser-focused on “launching the right products at the right time into the right markets.”

As a smaller company, we can accelerate products through ideation, development, and testing into commercialization faster than our larger competitors. There are fewer approval layers and we are mostly co-located. This allows senior management to review and approve new products as soon as each development and testing phase is complete.

Less Red Tape

Comtran’s small size supports the company’s enthusiasm for innovation and speed to market – there’s not as much red tape.

Speed to market
As a member of the Marmon Specialty Wire & Cable Group, Comtran has access to this state-of-the-art R&D and Testing facility in East Granby, CT.

Being a member of The Marmon Specialty Wire & Cable Group gives Comtran an edge as well. There is significant collaboration between the sister companies, whether on new products or new sales opportunities. Comtran engineers have access to product testing at the Marmon Group’s new 16,000 sq. ft. Technology & Innovation Center in East Granby, CT. This saves precious time waiting for a test slot at a public facility. Of course, Comtran benefits from the stature of being a Berkshire-Hathaway company.

First To Market

In Spring 2014, Comtran re-certified its VITALink® 2-Hour Fire Resistive cable, thanks to teamwork and a commitment to an aggressive timeline. Redesigning and testing the product to meet the revised UL 2196 guidelines took a mere nine months. The team estimates that a larger company would have needed two years or more to accomplish this. Another case where smaller is better.