2 Hour Fire Resistive CIC Cables
Are you choosing shielded CIC cable that meets current UL specs? Someone’s life may depend on it.

Since UL decided to discontinue certification of all 2196-approved CIC (Circuit Integrity in Conduit) products in 2012, building professionals have to be sure they are using current specs. The new UL Standard 2196 requires 5 out of 5 system tests to pass for a full 2 hours of burn time at 1850° F. Then they must withstand a direct fire hose stream without loss of signal. Also, NFPA requires 2-hour fire rated cables to be tested and certified as a complete system.


Comtran redesigned VITALink® cables with a patented inner coating that ceramifies at extreme temperatures, thereby protecting the integrity of the signal. In 2014, Comtran re-certified its 14 AWG shielded fire resistive and added a 16 AWG shielded construction in 2015.


Contractors, architects, and engineers can specify VITALink® shielded CIC cable with confidence, knowing it is fully certified for today’s UL and NFPA requirements. Another benefit is ease of installation — no special handling, tools, hardware, or formal installer training are required. This saves time and labor costs for contractors on major building projects. The 16 AWG can be installed vertically with up to 8 cables per 2” conduit. This allows installation in narrow riser shafts where multiple conduits are not practical. The design allows long cable lengths – VITALink® 16 AWG cable can be home run right from ground level up to the roof. This is critical for stairway pressurization in case of fire. VITALink® cable is currently available as shielded 14 AWG and 16 AWG 2 conductor cables.

Click here for VITALink® specifications and UL approvals.

2 Hour Fire Resistive CIC Cables
Watch the VITALink® cable end its 2 hour burn test by getting doused with water to cool rapidly.
2 Hour Fire Resistive CIC Cables
Watch the VITALink® video to learn more about the product and its applications.