VITALink® cable protects first responders and occupants in the event of fire. It is available in both shielded and unshielded and is certified in Canada.


Challenge: Comtran engineers met the new UL 2196 2-Hour Burn standard for its VITALink® products by developing a patented inner coating that ceramifies at extreme temperature, thereby protecting the integrity of the signal. In order to meet rising customer demand, as soon as VITALink® launched in a 14 AWG shielded product, Comtran continued expansion and innovation of their CI portfolio of products.

Solution: Since 2014, Comtran has “been to the wall” with multiple new VITALink® products, all passing the UL 2-hour burn test with flying colors. They kept developing and testing until they achieved a full line of 12-18 AWG shielded and unshielded cables. In 2017, Comtran achieved a dual CI/CIC listing, allowing VITALink® cable to be installed with or without conduit.

Comtran R&D also redesigned the VITALink® insulation construction to meet the more stringent certification standard for Canada approval. This change resulted in significant installation advantages for both US and Canadian customers.

Results: Two months after approval in Canada, Comtran received $1 million in VITALink® orders. VITALink® now has the best conduit fill rate in the industry, allowing up to 8-10 cables per conduit. It has the longest maximum vertical installation distance, at 35-34 vertical feet. With the most listings and the best ratings, VITALink® has become the undisputed innovator and industry leader in circuit integrity cable.

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