For centuries, Americans have found ways to push into new frontiers. In the same way Comtran Cable, a Made in USA company, is at the forefront of developing datacom cable for challenging and harsh environments. Whatever the location – deep in underground subway stations, on the high seas, in high rise office buildings, up in the Arctic or in nuclear power plants halfway across the world – we design and manufacture specialty and standard data-communications cable to meet any condition and specification.


Man-made chemicals and solvents can wreak havoc on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) data-communications cable. These standard cables are generally designed for use in climate-controlled conditions, with little or no exposure to chemicals. But Industrial cable requires more ruggedness, including resistance to chemical exposure and contact. Comtran Cable has an ever-expanding line of specialty data cable. These products are engineered to withstand exposure to such substances as fuels, hydraulics, cleaning solvents and lubricants. For more information, see Comtran’s X-Link™ products and Armored M-C Continuously Welded cable.

Confined Space

The US Department of Occupational Health & Safety (OSHA) publishes and enforces strict regulations for employees and contractors working in permitted confined spaces. For installers of industrial cable, it’s important that the products they are installing are fire-resistant and free of identified hazards for confined space. Comtran is committed to ensuring safety for our installation partners and contractor employees. Most of our data-communication products are rated fire resistant, and several are rated low-smoke, zero-halogen. Our easy-pull cable boxes also allow faster installs, thus limiting time spent in cramped conditions or confined spaces.


As the residents of New York City learned in the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy, salt water is highly corrosive. It took a massive cleanup effort to rinse miles of subway cables, wall conduits and tracks in order to restore rail transit service after the 2012 weather event. The flooding also prompted stricter requirements for future subway construction and materials. Comtran Cable offers several cable products that are corrosion resistant, including our Hub-LINK™ specialty voice and data cable. To meet specs for use on shipboard and nuclear power plants, our X-Link™ datacom products resist corrosion from sea water, sunlight, chemicals, oils, solvents, and radiation.

Extreme Temperatures

How hot is hot? If you are a manufacturer attempting to qualify a telecommunications cable to meet new UL testing for its 2-Hour Burn rating, be prepared to watch your product burn at 1850°F for two hours — not one second less. Comtran’s VitaLINK® Fire Resistive Cable achieved the rating in late 2013, the first company in North America to do so while maintaining a riser rating. We offer a range of other fire-rated cable products, as well as X-Link™ high-speed data and Ethernet cable that can withstand arctic cold down to -40°C and high temperature up to +90°C (-40°F to +194°F).


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Contractors and installers know that nothing is worse than having telecommunication cable snap during or after installation. Although it must be pulled tight to fit through narrow conduits, it cannot be overly stretched or lose its signal integrity. To ensure tension resistance and product quality, Comtran engineers perform internal tension testing on all new cable products right in their own lab. For more information, see [Link to Innovation/High Performance R&D]


Subways, basements, and tunnels are cold, dark, damp environments. Yet here is where vital telecommunications cable are often installed in factories, commercial office buildings and transportation routes. Business and everyday life now requires 24/7 high-speed Internet data and voice communication, so product failure is not an option. The safety of people and property also depends on fire alarm cables and elevators that will operate even if a fire occurs in an underground infrastructure. Comtran specializes in cables for harsh environments, and many of our products are specially designed to meet the challenges of underground locations. For more information, see [link to Wire Solutions/Rail Transit] and [link to Wire Solutions/Fire Resistive]


According to the insurance industry, water damage is the number one source of property claims for owners of high-rise residences, hotels, office buildings, retail establishments and other commercial structures. The cause can be plumbing leaks, leaks in HVAC systems, roof leaks, faulty sprinkler systems, water from fire hoses, or weather-related flooding.

Architects and engineers are able to mitigate potential property damage in industrial facilities by requiring moisture-resistant telecom cables. This protects valuable computer data, keeps phone and data lines operational during a natural disaster, and avoids the time and expense of replacing thousands of feet of communication cable. Comtran offers water resistant Cat 5e and Cat 6 cable. We also include water resistance in many of our specialty cable designed for harsh environments. To name a few: Coated Fire Alarm cable, Hub-LINK™ LSZH 900C wet-rated telecommunications and data transmission cables for rail transit, and X-Link™ Industrial Ethernet Specialty Date cable.