Innovation and Custom Engineering


At Comtran, we are committed to innovation and custom engineering. Our mission is to anticipate cable industry needs and engineer solutions that will have an immediate positive impact on our customers. The members of our R&D team have decades of experience in cable design and development. They have yet to be stumped by a custom engineering problem. New products are tested and re-tested to meet stringent UL requirements as well as customer-specific specifications.

What is even more remarkable is our speed to market – often in half the time required by a larger company. At Comtran, we leverage the agility of being a relatively small company with the power of being a part of the Marmon High Performance Wire & Cable Group and Berkshire Hathaway. Comtran has access to the Marmon Group’s state-of-the-art Innovation and technology lab. We also collaborate with colleagues across the group to solve specific cable design challenges.

Put our innovation and custom engineering to work for you.