Innovation and Technology Center
As a member of the Marmon Specialty Wire & Cable Group, Comtran has access to this state-of-the-art R&D and Testing facility in East Granby, CT.

How do you gain unlimited access to one of the finest product development and testing centers in the cable industry? Build it yourself. That’s precisely how the Innovation and Technology Center in East Granby, CT came into being. Opened in late 2013, the 16,000 square foot facility was designed solely for use by the companies that make up the Marmon Specialty Wire & Cable Group, a Berkshire-Hathaway Company, and their key customers.

Article in Wire & Cable Technology International

Investing in Breakthrough Products

Marmon’s $1.2 million investment in R&D is evidence of the importance of new products to Comtran and its sister companies. According to Marmon Engineered Cable Group President J. Dennis Chalk, “In 2014 new products will account for over 20 million dollars in revenue.”

Rob Konnik works under Chalk as Chief Technology Officer for the Innovation and Technology Center. It houses a staff of 14, including engineers and product developers. At Comtran, we can use these shared resources whenever necessary. We can develop a new product of our own or meet customer-specific product requirements. We are already planning projects to refine some of our high performance cable products for harsh environments, such as VITALink® 2-Hour Fire Rated cable and X-Link® fully cross-linked Ethernet cable.

Launching Superior Products

It is critical to have a state-of-the-art R&D site within an easy drive of the Attleboro, MA lab. Being able to test and re-test new products in the Granby, CT facility allows the Comtran engineering team to launch faster while ensuring the highest quality. Developing superior products for our customers is a top priority.