Hub-LINK Innovation

HUB-Link® Rail Transit Cables Roll Into New Markets

In transportation, the most important thing is to keep moving forward. That is very much the case with Comtran’s HUB-Link® rail transit cable. In only the past year, these high performance transit cables have been developed, adapted, improved, and modified into these engineering solutions:

  • New armored HUB-Link® cable – Major breakthrough in cost savings, eliminating the need for conduit
  • LED low voltage power cable – Wet-rated and low smoke, zero halogen (LSZH) for use in Amtrak’s Hudson River Tunnel rebuild.
  • Cathodic Protection Control cable – Designed to minimize corrosion and protect the structural integrity of above ground steelwork in NYC’s New Hudson Yards project.
  • “Grate Escape” – a failsafe security monitoring system for New York City’s underground access grates.

Joe Barry, Comtran’s President, gives credit to the Comtran engineers for their willingness to dive into new territory with rail transit. Plus, they delivered finished products in months, not years. “We were asked to create a transit-approved LED lighting cable for an Amtrak supplier. Our engineers went to work on it immediately and within a week came up with the solution,” says Barry. “Then it was, ‘can you develop a cathodic protection control system for above ground steel supports?’ Our engineers think like entrepreneurs. They are driven to problem-solve and innovate.”

With these new products, Comtran goes beyond rail transit into new markets such as lighting, security, and cathodic protection. Certified by New York City Transit to meet Transit Communications spec TC-7, Transit Signal Code TSC, TGN, and other NYCT specifications, the core line of HUB-Link® cables are multiple twisted-pair cables with solid copper conductors, insulated and jacketed with Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) thermoplastic and thermoset insulation, surrounded by water-swellable tapes, and electrically isolated with a robust shield or armor. Every new HUB-Link® product has the same ability to withstand temperature extremes, moisture, salt air, fluids, rodent damage, and sunlight while meeting strict specifications for flame propagation, smoke density, and toxicity in the event of a fire.

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