DEFENSE-Link® Military/Shipboard Cable

Comtran currently manufactures products to the requirements of the following specification pages

  • M24643/59
  • M24643/61
  • M24643/62*
  • M24643/75*
  • M24643/77**

Along with many specialty and made-to-spec/order communication cables.

*Comtran is currently pursuing QPL

**M24643/77 Cat 6A Draft Under Development

36069, 36070, 36314, 36371, 36072

Ship for new shipboard slide
USS Zumwalt stealth missile destroyer – New US Navy warships are driving demand for Comtran’s NAVSEA-qualified data cable, DEFENSE-Link®. Image Credit: US Navy

Comtran provides specialty cable products developed for deployment on US Navy and NATO vessels throughout the world. Our cables are designed to handle extremes in temperatures, exposure to seawater and operating fluids, along with the rigors of use on ships intended for combat, while allowing transmission of gigabit speed data. A combination of materials science along with electrical design allows a multitude of irradiated crosslinked products that can be used in an infinite variety of transmission circuits,from critical and non-critical communications to instrumentation, video, and surveillance. DEFENSE-Link® Shipboard products are resistant to sunlight, seawater, fuels, hydraulic fluids,lubricants, and various solvents. A well-designed shielding system prevents electrical coupling from power circuits, jamming equipment, and electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

Our Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen DEFENSE-Link® Shipboard products are tested in accordance with M24643. As demands for data communication content and speeds increase aboard ship, Comtran, with the full backing of the Marmon High Performance Cable Group, including RSCC Aerospace & Defense, is firmly in the lead position for development and approval of Cat 6A cables and beyond. Waterblocked variants are currently under development.

Features and Benefits:

  • Replaces fluoropolymer and PVC insulations typically used in commercial communications cables, minimizing smoke density and toxicity in the event of combat conditions or fire
  • Exceptionally rugged cable for handling extreme conditions
  • Provides data transmission capabilities in accordance with ANSI/TIA/EIA 568-C.2 commercial communication cable standard
  • Provides exceptional shielding effectiveness and EMP protection
  • Can be used in compartments subject to exposure of fuel, hydraulic fluids, lubricants, and other fluids normally encountered aboard ships
  • Cable identification ensures traceability per ISO and NAVSEA standards


NAVSEA Part NumberTypeComtran Part NumberDescriptionCable O.D. (Nom)Cable Weight (Lbs./1,000 ft.)   
MIL-DTL 24643/59-01UOLSC5FS-436069Cat 5e 24 AWG 4-pair, foil shield, non-waterblocked.32550
MIL-DTL 24643/59-03UOLSC5OS-436070Cat 5e 24 AWG 4-pair, foil and braided shield, non-waterblocked.33562
MIL-DTL M24643/59-04UOLSC50SW-436314Cat 5e 24 AWG 4-pair, foil and braided shield, waterblocked.37070
MIL-DTL 24643/61-02UDLSC5POS-436371Cat 5e 24 AWG stranded 4-pair, foil and braided shield, non-waterblocked.33059
M24643/77-03UOLSC6OS-436072Cat 6A 23 AWG 4-pair, foil and braided shield, non-waterblocked.37074