Rail Transit

HUB-Link® is Industry Leader in Rail Transit Specialty Cable

Comtran’s HUB-Link® data, voice, and network cable is leading the specialized cable industry in major rail transit datacom projects. HUB-Link® received several contract items totaling over 500,000 ft. of cable for Phase 2 of the $12 billion, 23-mile Silver Line Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project. Phase 2 of this light rail expansion will provide a transfer-free ride from Washington Dulles International Airport to downtown Washington. The cables will be installed above and below ground; 12-pair communications cable, 3-pair and 5-pair RS485 armored cable.

We have also provided cable for the new 20-mile HART elevated rail line in Honolulu; to San Francisco for the Santa Clara Valley BART Extension (SVBX); and to New York City for the rebuild of the 53rd Street Tunnel and subway station, part of the multi-billion dollar Superstorm Sandy recovery project.

HUB-Link® includes a group of LSZH telecommunications cables designed to support the New York City Transit Authority specification (NYCT Telecommunication Cable Rev. 7 [TC-7], Dec. 3, 2009). These telecommunications cables are routed and terminated through the subway system. HUB-Link® rail transit cables are designed to resist the rugged conditions of the underground and above-ground environments, including temperature extremes, moisture, salt air, fluids, rodent damage, and sunlight while meeting strict specifications for flame propagation, smoke density, and toxicity in the event of a fire.

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