X-Link® Cable Spec’d for the Nuclear Industry
Energy – Comtran X-Link® Cable Spec’d for the Nuclear Industry

Our X-Link® Industrial Ethernet cable is designed for harsh environments and is part of Comtran’s high performance cable portfolio. It is highly resistant to heat, moisture, and radiation, making it suitable for installation in nuclear power plants – either new construction or existing facilities. X-Link® cable is available in sizes up to 400pr — 1.7” in diameter (43cm).

Beamed for Strength

The core of X-Link®’s durability is its proprietary beaming technology, which was developed, manufactured, and tested in cooperation with the Marmon Group’s Technology & Innovation Center and RSCC Wire & Cable in East Granby, Connecticut. X-Link®’s category cable design goes beyond cross-linking only the jacket. During manufacturing, the inner cable structure is subjected to irradiation with a high-energy electron beam. This process fully cross-links the pairs, improving all physical properties. The result is a unique high-strength Ethernet cable that meets the stringent specifications of nuclear regulators.

Designed for Safety

Third generation nuclear power stations under construction today are designed for safety and longevity, expected to last 50 years. Comtran is pleased to offer data communication products for this new era of providing safe, reliable energy at home and abroad.

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