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Category 6 Indoor/Outdoor CM-LS Cable


Category 6 Indoor/Outdoor
Cable conduit is installed in an outdoor construction project. Comtran’s Indoor/Outdoor cable must be in conduit when installed underground. It is not suitable for direct burial.

Challenge: Several customers and distributors asked about developing a Category 6 indoor/outdoor datacom cable for multi-building projects and wet or flood-prone construction sites. Comtran engineers researched the available options, but very few OSP products met this need. So they went to work.


Solution: Thanks to significant in-house product development expertise, the finished product was commercialized in 18 months. Such a fast track innovation timeline isn’t common for larger cable companies. After several iterations, Comtran engineers developed a water-blocked polyolefin jacketed cable with gel inside and with a jacket that is UV and sunlight resistant. The product is also LSZH indoor rated, passing UL 1581 Vertical Flame Test.


Result: Comtran’s Cat 6 Indoor/Outdoor cable meets the stringent requirements for two distinct environments. For OSP conditions, it is water and sunlight resistant. By also meeting UL indoor LSZH safety rating, this product can run inside a building beyond the 50 foot limitation of standard OSP cable. This greatly reduces the additional termination and splicing, a major benefit for contractors and installers. Its water-resistant jacket eliminates the use of a water-swellable tape in wet indoor conditions, saving additional time and money. The Cat 6 Indoor/Outdoor CM-LS cable prevents loss of signal and greatly reduces future failure and repairs.