Military Shipboard
Comtran’s new DEFENSE-Link® Cat 5e telecommunications cable is being spec’d for US Navy shipbuilding contracts, plus ships undergoing repair or retrofit. 

Challenge: How to engineer and develop copper telecommunications cable to meet stringent US Navy specifications? Under MIL-DTL-24643, cable must be resistant to seawater, extreme temperatures, cramped routings, and sunlight. The cable also must resist exposure to hydraulic fluids, fuel, and lubricants. These harsh conditions can cause commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Category communication cable to fail.

Solution: Comtran engineers saw the opportunity to combine their expertise with commercial Cat 5e data cable with advances in polymer chemistry. Through extensive collaboration with engineers at sister companies in the Marmon Engineered Wire and Cable Group, they developed and tested a successful product – DEFENSE-Link®. See DEFENSE-Link® article in the Wire Journal International for the full product development story.

Comtran’s exceptional manufacturing quality control is one secret to their superior product. They draw down the copper inline during the extrusion process, improving the quality and consistency of the electrical performance of the cable. They achieve a dimensional tolerance of less than 1/10 mil, the lowest in the industry. State of the art twinners are used to minimize mechanical stress.

DEFENSE-Link®’s proprietary process is highly efficient. It has a steady throughput of 3600 linear feet per minute, significantly above the competition. Faster line speeds mean shorter lead times, reduced labor, and lower inventories. This keeps costs down and pricing competitive, critical factors for military budgets and procurement schedules.

Result: In August 2015, DEFENSE-Link® Marine data cable was qualified by NAVSEA to meet a range of slant sheets under MIL-DTL-24643. Within a few months of approval, Comtran supplied over 1.5 million linear feet of DEFENSE-Link® cable. This high performance cable can be used in a variety of data communication and transmission circuits. Some examples include critical and non-critical communications, instrumentation, video, and surveillance.

Click here for DEFENSE-Link® product specifications and UL approvals.