When applications require more than standard fire alarm cables or when partial evacuation is required, Comtran’s VITALink® two hour fire resistive line is the ideal solution. VITALink® products are compliant to UL 2196 and are designed to maintain their integrity for up to two hours in a burning infrastructure, allowing safe evacuation of building occupants. VITALink® dual rated CI/CIC cables are rated as both Circuit Integrity (CI) and Circuit Integrity in Conduit (CIC). This means the same cable can be installed either with or without conduit, depending on the application and code requirements.

What is the difference between CI and CIC?

VITALink® cables are dual rated CI and CIC – one cable qualified to UL 2196 for two different installation scenarios. CI for free air installation is a conduit-free solution for riser and horizontal (non-plenum) installations per NEC Code 760.24. CIC is a circuit integrity system that includes the physical protection of conduit and is installed per UL FHIT.40A. Please consult your local AHJ for local code enforcement.

Can VITALink® be installed in plenum or riser applications?

Since VITALink® is dual rated CI/CIC, it can be installed in riser or plenum airspaces. VITALink® CI/CIC is the only solution capable of going from the horizontal into the vertical conduit without a change of cable or transition point.

What installation method is best for me?

For free air installations, conduit is not required. For projects that specify plenum installations, CIC cable will need to be installed in conduit with specified hardware components.

VITALink®’s dual CI/CIC rating can be used for projects that require both free air and conduit installations. The versatility of VITALink® offers cost savings by reducing inventory and eliminates confusion at the installation sites. Installation of VITALink® is simple – no special training, tools, or termination kits required. Our streamlined installation guide removes any guesswork. When life safety is vital, rely on VITALink® for your fire rated cable needs.

Click here for VITALink® specifications and UL approvals.